The Road to a New "Home"

Emiliya Bratanova

Recently the A25 Cultural Foundation team has set as its goal to work for turning the unfamiliar surroundings of refugees and asylum seekers into their new home. Following the words of Enaiatollah Akbari from Fabio Geda’s novel “In the Sea There Are Crocodiles”, when we say “home” we mean “a place where I will be treated well, which actually means to be at home”.

With the aim to present our newly-launched programme for cultural orientation, our team visited the Integration Centre with the State Agency for Refugees on the 7th and 8th October where we met about 20 refugees and asylum seekers participating in the National Programme for Integration. We got to know one another and learned a lot about and from each other. For example, we were there not in the position to help the refugees on the basis of some superior knowledge or abilities, we were there to build and share a common space in which to increase our knowledge about the social environment. Our next meeting is devoted to graffiti and animation. It is part of a programme which will not just be an interesting event; it will be a forum for discussion, self-expression and mutual respect.

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