Theatre director Gergana Dimitrova on her meeting with refugees in Bulgaria

We are happy to present to your attention our new column called “Blitz Interview”. Hereby we will introduce our special guests at the events from the cultural orientation programme. This is the special guest corner where they have the floor to share their impressions, surprises, inspirations and messages to you, our readers, as well as to the refugees and the asylum seekers in Bulgaria.

Blitz interview with Gergana Dimitrova, founder of OCAAC “36 Monkeys”:

1. Could you shortly introduce yourself?

Gergana, a director and a translator, from Organization for Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture – 36 Monkeys.

2. What is your previous contact with refugees and asylum seekers?

I’ve lived abroad and I’ve met there other immigrants and former refugees, which have now been granted a formal status. I don’t have other experiences.

3. Did you have prior expectations about the event and the participants? If yes, what where they?

I didn’t have and I didn’t want to have, so that I could see them from scratch, as individuals. I supposed that their situation was not easy.

4. Was there something which surprised you or made a strong impression on you at the event and did you take something from this experience?

I was very much impressed by their willingness to act, to do something. It was something synthesized, abrupt, strong, as if a product of an externally suppressed activity; as well as their openness for discussion, their liveliness.

5. Would you like to add something or to address the participants, the organizers, and the blog readers?

People in a situation like that have a desperate need of socialization. I believe that accompanying them for a longer period of time brings a lot of enrichment to both sides. And I am very happy that you are doing this. I also thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet these people, even for a short while.


We also thank Gergana for accepting our invitation to be our special guest at the module devoted to theatre in Bulgaria!

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