Angel and Zdravko wish that Bulgarians get to know the traditions in the Middle East and overcome the barriers

February starts with the next event from the cultural orientation programme for refugees and asylum seekers. It was this time devoted to cinema and the special guests at the event were Zdravko Grigorov and Angel Hadzhiyski, also known as Angel and Zdravko from “Pozor”. How did our guests see the event, what will they remember from it, what would they like to repeat: you can read about it all in the following blitz interview.

1. Could you shortly introduce yourself?

Zdravko Grigorov and Angel Hadzhiyski, founders of Sofia MENAR Film Festival. For 6 years already we have been trying to present alternative cinema in the capital as well as in other big cities. Each year the Festival enjoys bigger audience, which makes us want to work even harder in this direction.

2. What is your previous contact with refugees and asylum seekers?

For a second year already the Festival has been open for refugees. We would be happy to provide movies from the festival programme to the refugee camps in the future too. We see that people appreciate this opportunity and they come and watch the movies with great interest.

3. Did you have prior expectations about the event and the participants? If yes, what where they?

We were very happy that the meeting took place in the form of a discussion and that the refugees also participated in the conversations. In the beginning we thought that they would be just listening to us. However, we were very glad to start talking with each other.

4. Was there something which surprised you or made a strong impression on you at the event and did you take something from this experience?

We enjoyed it pretty much when everybody’s faces brightened up at hearing that we had visited their birthplaces, how they started asking us what we had liked, where we had exactly been… And how they insisted on convincing us to go to the places we hadn't been to yet. We promise them to fix our mistake and to be soon ready to visit the places which we have not visited so far. The fact that we know their culture makes it much easier to communicate. The goal of our festival is to make it possible for most Bulgarians to get to know the traditions in the region and to overcome the barriers where they still exist.

5. Would you like to add something or to address the participants, the organizers, and the blog readers?

May they keep organizing discussions, may they keep debating, may the cultural exchange go on, may Bulgarians get to know the culture and traditions in the regions where the refugees come from and hereby accept them more easily.


We would like to thank Angel and Zdravko once again for their contribution not only to the cultural orientation programme, but also to the cultural exchange between Bulgaria and the Middle Eastern and North African countries. All the best in organizing the upcoming festivals, debates and interesting meetings for the sake of popularizing some cultures which are still considered “exotic” in Bulgaria!

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