Martin Zashev: "A World That Is Known Is a World Which is Understood."

In the end of June the last but one event of the cultural orientation programme for refugees and asylum seekers took place. The topic was a tour of Sofia with a professional guide, and a photo workshop. Martin Zashev from 365 Association gladly took the challenge to guide our diverse group though the mysteries of our ancient capital. The group was amazed with the (hi)story it heard. Hereby the guide’s impressions from the memorable encounter:


1. Could you shortly introduce yourself?

My name is Martin Zashev. I have been part of 365 Association, organizer of Free Sofia Tour, Free Plovdiv Tour and Free Varna Tour, for 2 years. Our mission is to improve the image of Bulgaria in the eyes of foreigners, but also in the eyes of Bulgarians. Currently, I’m a member of the steering board of the Association.

2. What is your previous contact with refugees and asylum seekers?

In the last two years 365 Association organized a couple of guided tours of Sofia in English, Arabic and French languages, specially tailored to refugees. The tours took place thanks to our partners from Multi Kulti Collective and the State Agency for Refugees.

3. Did you have prior expectations about the event and the participants? If yes, what where they?

It was interesting for me to present Sofia to people who live in the city, but it was not clear to me to what extent they perceived it as theirs. I was happy with the opportunity to transfer my love to the city to them, so that they could get to love it a little bit more.

4. Was there something which surprised you or made a strong impression on you at the event and did you take something from this experience?

I was pleased with the curiosity and the many questions the participants in the tour had, as well as with everybody’s wish to tell something about their own countries.

5. Would you like to add something or to address the participants, the organizers, and the blog readers?

I believe that a world that is known is a world which is understood. I believe as well that through getting to know different cultures, we work for a better world. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me! I wish you success!


Once again we would like to extend our special thanks to Martin for the enthusiasm with which he met the group, for the wonderful moments he created, and for the nice words he shared! We also wish him lots of success and unforgettable meetings with representatives of different cultures!

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